Where Women Count

Villa Maria is a school for young women with a strong Christian devotion to Mary, Mother of God and model for all Christian women. It is a school that has an abiding faith in the power of women to effect good at every level of society.

Women have always counted at Villa Maria. They are respected; their talents are appreciated and nurtured. Young women find here the freedom to be themselves, to develop self-confidence, to assume leadership roles, and to dream great dreams about their futures. Villa Maria graduates have been earning respect and recognition for decades as competent professionals and committed Christians of the highest moral and ethical standards.

Almost 150 years ago, Villa Maria Academy was founded by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate heart of Mary. The location was West Chester; the mission was to provide a Catholic education for girls in the area. Throughout the years, the school prospered and grew. The school has been recognized as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence and holds accreditation from both the Middles States Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges and the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools.

Firmly rooted in Gospel values and steeped in Catholic tradition, Villa Maria’s enduring mission is to provide an education for young women that will enable them to lead lives of spiritual growth, Christian service and intellectual inquiry.

The rigorous curriculum at Villa Maria requires students to take major courses in Theology, English, World Languages, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science; minor courses in Art, Music, Health, and Physical Education. Electives are offered in Social Studies, Mathematics, Languages, Art, and Music. All courses are taught at the college prep or honors levels. Advanced Placement courses are available in Computer Science, Economics, English Language, English Literature, US History, European History, World History, US Government, French, Spanish, Calculus, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Art and Music.

Students participate in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities that run the gamut from varsity sports to journalism and academic clubs, to music and drama. Life after the bell is much more than homework and books. It is a life of practices and car pools, visits to nursing homes and planning dances. It is filled with the joy of camaraderie and friendship and the satisfaction that comes from winning state championships, performing in the concert, or participating in services projects of Children of Mary or the Honor Societies.

Villa Maria graduates earn admission to some of the finest colleges and universities all across the country. Each year 100% of our graduates  earn acceptances to these colleges and return to revel in their readiness for the college work.