Project Overview

Phase I — Maurene Polley Field

This $1.3 million turf field is named after Villa Maria graduate and long-time coach and athletic director Maurene Polley.

The field opened in October 2015 and is currently used by interscholastic field hockey, soccer, and lacrosse teams, as well as several student activity groups. The field provides a competitive advantage to our athletes as they are able to practice and play on a state-of-the-art facility.

The turf field and adjoining softball field are now enclosed by a new upgraded fence. The athletic complex helps our teams be more competitive and adds to the overall curb appeal of the school.

Improvements on Route 30

  • Completed spring 2017
  • New signage and gardens added to the Rt. 30 exit
  • Increased Villa Maria’s visibility on Route 30

Phase II: Loop Drive

  • $1 million project completed in ­summer 2018
  • The new driveway begins at the St. Joseph gates and exits at the Regina Mundi parking lot.
  • Provides additional ­visitor parking, and mitigates traffic jams at drop-off and ­dismissal times
  • The driveway draws visitors into the heart of campus, and improves first impressions and curb appeal.

Phase III: Student Union

The new Student Union Center will create a central hub for the campus, and serve as the school’s front door, where we greet all VMA families and guests.

  • The new building will link the two halves of the campus to create an encompassing arc
  • Connects students not only with each other but with all essential student services
  • The expansive dining hall for meals, studying, or simply hanging out with friends
  • Informal work areas will provide space for collaboration for group work that is crucial to preparing students for college and the workplace
  • The new Chapel will provide space for Theology classes, daily Communion services, the Alumnae Memorial Mass, or simply will provide a respite from the whirlwind of daily life
  • The Italian Gardens will be updated and moved to the front lawn of the new building making them more centrally located on the campus

Ancillary Benefits of the Student Union Center

Building the student union will create new opportunities elsewhere on campus.

  • Most of the first floor of Regina Mundi will be re-purposed as classroom space
  • The front of the former cafeteria and kitchen will remain as an intimate gathering place for student and parent groups
  • We will be able to reconfigure the academic departments to create a STEM center in St. Joseph Hall and a Humanities Building in Regina Mundi
  • More classroom space will allow us to maintain our very enviable student teacher ratio

Every student, regardless of her grade, academic level, or her extracurricular interests, will benefit from the addition of the Student Union Center on our campus.