Calling All Alumnae!

Campaign Update for Alumnae from Kathy McCartney

First, and foremost, I want to thank our alumnae for their generous support of Villa Maria Academy. As a proud Villa graduate, you can appreciate what Villa does for its students. The new student union center will not only transform our campus but will also improve the daily lives of our students, faculty, and families.

Our campaign has already raised over $6.5 million dollars! We are now entering the community phase where we need to raise an additional $3.2M to finish the project. Here is where the support of our loyal alumnae is needed most.

  • Our goal is to have a 25% participation level in the campaign from our alumnae. We have grant requests from outside foundations that are pending. The likelihood of approval increases greatly if we can show strong internal support for the project from our alumnae.

Twenty-five percent is approximately 1,200 of the 4,700 alumnae with whom we have contact. It is our hope that our alumnae can help us raise $400,000. That, coupled with the very generous challenge match, will bring alumnae giving to an amazingly impactful $500,000!

We will exceed our goal if 1,200 alumnae each give $500!

I know that supporting a capital project can seem daunting to some, but if all the alum come together, no one needs to shoulder more than they can handle. We will exceed our goal if 1,200 alumnae give a minimum of $500. Additionally, we are very grateful for your continued support of the Villa Fund. Those dollars are used annually to support the daily operations of the school. This campaign donation will help us meet our $3.2M community phase goal.  Surely, some can give more and some less, but the idea of coming together as a team makes this goal very attainable.

One of the greatest benefits of a Villa Maria education if the forming of a very special sisterhood. As a Villa alumna, you have a network of sisters you can depend on for life. Let’s activate this sisterhood to give back to the place where it all started. I am asking you to consider a gift to this very important project so that future generations can reap the benefits of the Villa Maria sisterhood.  Help us honor our past while ensuring our future for years to come. Thank you so much for considering my request. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or go to to learn more about the project.

May 2021 be full of health and happiness for all.

Take good care,

Kathy McCartney